Francisco Arias Fine Art
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Artist Statement:

I love nature and all its amazing beauty. This I believe, puts me among the romantics group, but nature for me is an expression of God's ingenious mind, and as long as I live, I will capture it in a canvas and allow others to appreciate the mind of God, and the wonders of nature. The power and reach of Painting and drawing says a lot, for it communicates and transcend our social barriers more effectively than any other means.

I truly believe that a 35,000 year old cave painting is as effective today as a childís drawing in expressing his thoughts, inner longings, passions, and desires due to the one thing that binds us all, and thatís because we all belong to the one and only human species, and thus are all connected through a social and historical thread which binds us together as passionate beings and nature lovers.

We humans love to paint because we love to express our feelings and share our thoughts to others. My art has a classical style and reflects an appreciation for early art style, and the love for the legacy of the great masters. My method is a combination of many ideas and styles which is mostly: Realism, impressionism, and hyper realism. There is simply no standard way of doing art, since art in an artist's mind is always evolving.

Frank's Short Art Biography:

Francisco Arias was born in Puerto Rico in a small town called Ponce, in 1963. Since he was a little child his passion was for drawing, besides playing with his friends. He was those kinds of kids who would sit down and spend hours painting and drawing, and asking his father to judge it. He admired his father who was also good at drawing, and Frank would ask his father to draw something so that he could also draw it too. All through his early school years, his teachers notice these abilities, and would ask him to draw and paint lesson charts for them to use in their classes. He participated in several painting contests in school and for this reason was well known among his teachers and fellow students. These school contests were of great significance for him, and helped him develop character, and social skills.

During his youth years, he would paint faces, take pictures and ask other painters to make portraits of him and his mom, so that he could study the methods used to replicate a small photo into a large oil portrait. As he grew into a young man, he painted lots of landscapes, and commissions, as well as painted lots of T-shirts to sell, and even though it didnít develop into a full blown business, it did give him additional skills and lots of experience, as he slowly introduces himself into the world of art business. Several landscapes and seascapes would be painted from time to time, but it didn't still initiated him into a serious carrier in art. Through these years he also painted different motifs, and wildlife scenes for neighbors, family members, or for himself. He loves, and has always loved painting and drawing, since these -he believes, are an activity of the soul, and nothing makes an artist happier than expressing his artist mind. Now in his adulthood, he is painting more than ever, and would like to leave a legacy for his family, his community, and for future generations. He believes that art is the universal language for all humanity.

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