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This section is a simple one. In this page, we place some of the self explanatory videos on the method and styles we use to start and finish our art pieces.
Every artist evolve into their own unique style, and this is key to that particular artist. No artist ever paints the same way all of their lives, since it takes lots of long and solitary hours to finally decide what works for you and me. What works for a Picasso, may not work for today's contemporary artists, since Picasso had his own sets of paradigms etc. Every artist will be influenced by his culture and his days, so its up to our own Biology, our own make and surroundings to put the artistic presure on us, so that we may araive with our own signiture art piece.

As with many orther artists, who may be inspired by such things as nature itself; their surroundings, or the books one may read, or magazines, movies, television shows of other successful artists, or music, travel, emotions, as well as memories, all these are valid principals for inspiration for me, which will bring me to start a preliminary schetch that I know, will culminate in a nice art piece.
Every artpice is well planed, its not the product of spontaniety; since I like control. My biology and personality leads me to a controlled process. This means that I know where I'm going, and I know when I'm ready to stop painting. I like to thing that we all can agree on this, but everybody is different, and each one of my artworks, as much as I can, will be finished when my personality and experience are ready to declare: IT IS DONE!

Seth Godin explored this topic in more detail in his NY Times Bestseller, Linchpin. He definines an Artist this way: ďAn artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist takes it personally; ...a personal gift that changes the recipient, while the medium in itself, does not matter. The intent does. Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does to change another.Ē So really, It does not matter the materials used, what matters is the intnetion: To leave an inpact on your life; a pleasing experience for you.
I love portrait art , as well as Landscape and the beauty of nice still life, using either Oil or Acrylic.

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